Back in USSR

As I spend a lot of time with my child, I know all modern cartoon characters. However, the following two figures from the past surprised me a lot. Look at these vintage badges Ok, if the second animal is a crocodile that plays a sort of accordion, who is the first one with big ears? Who (or what) is Cheburashka? Is it a sort of gremlin? Why is he wearing only shoes? What’s that big red spot on his chest? I hesitate between a tie and a heart, anyway only the author is aware of the real answer. The badges were made in far 1970, in the USSR. Well, soviet artists were creative enough! And Uspensky, the writer of the novel, was a man of imagination too. I’ve watched a part of the cartoon based on the story and found out more funny facts about Cheburashka and Gena the crocodile. It turns out that Cheburashka arrived to Gena’s town in a box of oranges. Both felt lonely and soon became good friends. The crocodile could play chess, write letters and used to smoke a pipe!!! Not bad for a reptile! ☺ I like the cartoon because it’s very kind. But I’m not a fan of vintage, so I wouldn’t purchase the badges. How about you?



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