Best things happen unexpectedly

Hi, I’m Molly. I’m a pet rock painter from New York. When people try to guess what I deal with, they ask if I climb mountains. No, not at all. On the contrary, my profession is the safest in the world. I paint different images on river stones and sell them via my website. I didn’t attend any art school. The idea came to me in a flash of inspiration when my daughter’s class organized a crafts fair. We took first prize! Success went to my head and I thought of making more pet rocks. Armed with a brush and acrylics, I painted over 20 items depicting New York sites. Tourists bought them as souvenirs and I heard many ’wow’s from them that day. Since then it’s been my passion and source of income. In my free time I like to read art magazines or watch programs about famous painters.


One man’s contribution to fine art

No sweet without some sweat

My work is very tedious because I draw small details. One wrong line and the picture is spoiled. That’s why practice is the best way to improve my skills. I can’t imagine how much effort is needed to create a large piece of art. Painters must be really patient! If I finish a pet stone within 30 minutes, they spend weeks or even months in front of the same canvas. Oh, I’ve underestimated their self-possession: da Vinci has been painting ’Mona Lisa’ for 16 years! This crazy guy spent 12 years of his life portraying her smile! Well, he must have been assiduous at school.

Deservedly renowned

By introducing something new and original, painters take an important place in the history of art. For instance, Leonid Afremov, whose oil canvases I absolutely adore, gained popularity owing to the palette knife technique. In addition, his love for bright colors can leave nobody indifferent including me. He sells his works online and I highly recommend you to visit his virtual gallery. There you’ll see many examples of such art genres like:

  • Landscapes
  • Still lifes
  • Portraits
  • Cityscapes
  • Seascapes

Last summer I bought a wonderful piece of wall art by Leonid. Enjoy this twisted painting link. I didn’t wait long for the delivery and was 100% satisfied with quality.

Therapeutic effect of Leonid Afremov

The canvas depicts an acrobat who’s performing handstand. The girl is wearing a dark brown costume, while the background of the work is multi-colored. Due to this contrast, neither the theme, nor the emotion of the painting is lost. How do you feel looking at the acrobat? Impressed? Excited? It’s all because of the impact of bright hues. It’s well-known that colors can influence our mood. Afremov proves that if they’re properly combined, the person can get lots of positive emotions. So we may say the man isn’t only a painter, but a psychologist too. Personally I have two pictures in my mind in regard to thistwisted canvas painting: a girl at the arena and a girl in the forest. In the first case I imagine that the motley brushstrokes are confetti, in the second – they remind me of falling autumn leaves. Anyway, both images evoke happiness and ease. Art by Leonid Afremov can decorate any wall in your house. I think one of his still lifes with flowers can fit in any bedroom or a kitchen. The painting I purchased adds interest and color to my living room. I’m so glad I picked it up!


Back in USSR

As I spend a lot of time with my child, I know all modern cartoon characters. However, the following two figures from the past surprised me a lot. Look at these vintage badges Ok, if the second animal is a crocodile that plays a sort of accordion, who is the first one with big ears? Who (or what) is Cheburashka? Is it a sort of gremlin? Why is he wearing only shoes? What’s that big red spot on his chest? I hesitate between a tie and a heart, anyway only the author is aware of the real answer. The badges were made in far 1970, in the USSR. Well, soviet artists were creative enough! And Uspensky, the writer of the novel, was a man of imagination too. I’ve watched a part of the cartoon based on the story and found out more funny facts about Cheburashka and Gena the crocodile. It turns out that Cheburashka arrived to Gena’s town in a box of oranges. Both felt lonely and soon became good friends. The crocodile could play chess, write letters and used to smoke a pipe!!! Not bad for a reptile! ☺ I like the cartoon because it’s very kind. But I’m not a fan of vintage, so I wouldn’t purchase the badges. How about you?